When You Can’t Remodel: Smart Kitchen Organization

Are you saving for that future remodel? Renting? Moving soon? Not sure when you will be able to redo your space? Sometimes a remodel is not in the cards, but your kitchen needs a little help now. How can you maximize the space you have for the time being? We give you some innovative options to maximize use of your current kitchen without the remodel.

Photo by Anete Lusina on Pexels.com


Base Cabinet Organizers

Cabinets tend to have the most space, but are not always the best laid out to maximize storage. These gadgets may help:

Most cabinet storage is geared towards larger items. This drawer system is great for smaller items. The mesh bottom and sides ensure those smaller items don’t fall through the cracks. It would work great as-is in a base cabinet or stacked in a pantry. And since the top is also a shelf, you can also utilize that for storage. It is also available in double and single drawer options. Another great feature is that it is free-standing. No need screw it to your cabinet so is great for rentals.

This simple, but practical, pull-out basket system can make the world of difference in the usable storage in your kitchen. Not only does it save you needing to dig through the back of your cabinet, but also has an available bracket to make the bottom tier pullout with your door for maximum efficiency. It is available in several sizes for almost any base cabinet.

Pots and pans tend to be some of the most cumbersome items to store, but your kitchen wouldn’t be much of a kitchen without them. This little pullout handles those bulky pots and pans and avoids scratches by storing them vertically. It is also available in a larger unit here.

A lot of us have those very narrow base cabinets that are not much use. These little gadgets give you some options to really utilize that space. There is an adjustable shelf system perfect for canned goods or a divider system which is better for baking sheets and cutting boards. Either of these options will make great use of the space, depending on what it is you need to store.

This little pullout is a cleaning supply organizer. It is shown in a standard base cabinet, but is perfect for under the sink. Not only does it pull out to easily grab that bottle in the back, but it also lifts out easily to take it with you for cleaning around your home.

This little thing makes the otherwise inaccessible space behind your false drawer fronts usable. Great for under sinks or cooktops when every inch of storage counts. Additional sizes available here.

This innovative pullout corrals all those food storage containers. It has dividers in the bottom to separate sizes as well as vertical dividers on the top shelf for all those runaway lids.

Now for those pesky blind corner cabinets. The hardest part about making this space fully functional is being able to see and get to those items deep in the back. You pretty much must remove everything else in the cabinet in order to access them. This smart pullout allows you to slide the front shelves out of the way and easily pull the back shelves into view. No more forgetting what was in the back of that cabinet. In the future, we highly suggest incorporating a Lazy Susan cabinet if possible. They have come a long way in terms of stability and functionality and are truly the best use of this space. Until then, we have pullouts.


Wall Cabinet Organizers

Now some help with those wall cabinets and organizing those smaller items.

This is like a little binder for your spices. This gadget allows you to line up your spices front to back, but pull out each row independently for full view and access.

This is another great option for spices or condiments. What makes this unique is that it has two levels, as well as a separate middle section that moves independently for taller items. A great solution to those spice canisters that never seem to fit because, let’s face it, we will never get around to transferring all of our spices into those little matching canisters.

These little wonders help you stack your coffee cups. Saves space and you don’t have to worry about them toppling and breaking. One simple gadget you never knew you needed.

Now for some help with those impossibly small wall cabinets. These 9 and 12-inch cabinets are so narrow that they are rarely functional. These smart pullouts are available in both a shelf and peg board option so you can pick which is best for your storage needs.


Drawer Organizers

Drawers are often the easiest storage to access, but that doesn’t mean they can’t use a little organization and space maximizing tools. Here are some that help to make the most of your space.

This little organizer is one of the most innovative, but simple things we have seen recently. It allows you to stack your silverware, saving so much space. They also have it with matching knife storage here and a combination with gadget storage here.

This is another great way to double the space in your top drawer. This tray system replaces your current drawer box and gives you two layers in which to store your utensils and gadgets. It is available in four sizes.

What is great about this, is how customizable it is. It sets in the bottom of any deep drawer and you can move the pegs where needed to keep your items from sliding anytime the drawer is opened. It is available in three sizes, but can also be trimmed to fit. Perfect for pots and pans, food storage containers and even dishes.


Countertop Organizers

Sometimes the cabinets are full or it just makes more sense to store your most used items on the countertop. When it must be seen, we try to make it pretty as well as functional to keep away the clutter.

This utensil holder holds all of your essentials right where you need it most. We love that the pieces easily comes apart for cleaning and that it has a hidden spoon rest that slides out of the bottom when needed. One less thing cluttering your countertops.

This smart little counter organizer, not only has dividers for your most used utensils, but also has a knife slot and doubles as a drainer. Ideal if you have very little counter space.

Perfect for those fruits and vegetables that shouldn’t be in the fridge. The double tier saves space as well. Both pretty and functional.

This little bamboo shelf helps to utilize the space behind your sink. Much more stylish than your more utilitarian options.


Wall Organizers

Sometimes your walls are the only space left to expand storage. To keep your space organized, try some of these options. Just be sure to only store things in the open that you use often or are easily rinsed off before use. No one likes to dust lots of smaller items.

We love this rack because of its versatility. The shelf is heavy enough to hold pots and pans or small appliances, while the hooks and bar on the bottom hold your smaller items such as cooking utensils and wraps. You could even add more hooks to the bar for more hanging storage.

Talk about versatility. This heavy duty peg board will store just about anything in style. Available in a rainbow of colors and has extra hooks and even shelves available making this a perfect complement to your kitchen.

Sometimes you just need to get a few, often used, items off the counter. This little wall rack is perfect for that. It offers both hooks and shelves that can easily be moved around or removed to fit your space and needs perfectly.


Everything Else

Still need space? Try some of these when you feel like you’ve tried everything.

Don’t have a lot of space for your trash and recycling? This stacking trash unit smartly combines your trash, recycling, and compost all into one small footprint.

When you need even more storage, this little rack can be attached to the side of your refrigerator or tall cabinet. It gives you shelves and a bar to add hooks for hanging storage.

This little shelf lets you use the back of your stove for storage. Perfect for oils or spices. Just be sure that whatever you store here, you use regularly as the heat can degrade some ingredients. This is the time to pull out those pretty bottles.

When every inch counts in your kitchen, sometimes the best answer is using an organizer to maximize the space. Hopefully these smart tools will help hold you over until you can remodel to fit your needs. Maybe using these tools will even help you to understand the needs you have when designing your next space.

Have you found any storage gadgets that you can’t live without? Please share your thoughts and experiences with us. We would love to hear from you.

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