20 Fun Ways to Use Wallpaper

Wallpaper is back! What was old, is now new again with updated styles, colors, and patterns. See some unexpected ways that it can infuse some style into your space.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Wallpaper is a great way to bring a pop of pattern, color, or even texture to your space. It can be used in virtually every room of your home and not only on your walls. We are seeing it pop up in new and unexpected ways.

Unlike wallpaper of the past, new styles are more often coming in peel and stick varieties to make installation easier and to allow you to remove it easily when the time comes. Look for this feature if you are a renter or just like a change of scenery more often.



1. Add Depth to Glass Cabinets

Give those display cabinets a bit of a pop. This would work well with treasured keepsakes or just to add a spark to your everyday dishes.

2. Cover Furniture

Make your old furniture come back to life or make something unique out of that big box store find.

3. Make Shelves Pop

Back your shelves with a pattern to make your display area extra special.


4. Make Your Walls Functional

This would be a great addition to an office, kitchen, or children’s play space. Make your walls work for you when inspiration strikes.

5. Draw Your Eyes Away from the Television

A focal wall behind the television is a great way to hide it in plain sight. The eye will naturally gravitate to the pattern and the television will hardly be noticed, when it is off, of course.

6. Bring a Small Space Alive

Craving a little of the outdoors? This fun idea brings nature to you.


7. Brighten a Play Space

Play spaces are meant to be fun. Use wallpaper to seize the opportunity with something bold.

8. Fill That Odd Wall

We all have that one space that is crying for attention, but we don’t know what to do with it. Maybe wallpaper is the answer.

9. Create a Kitchen Backsplash

Wallpaper makes a great focal wall behind your cabinets. Just make sure it is washable and that you have a bit of countertop backsplash to seal the back counter area.


10. Add Texture

Add some character to your space with textured wallpaper. This can be used just about anywhere and can be painted to your desired color. This is also a great way to hide wall imperfections.

11. Wake Up Your Home Office

Sometimes you need some bold pattern in your life to keep you on your toes. This peel and stick option gives it to you in an afternoon.

12. Dress Up a Column

Have an odd column in your space that looks a little out of place? Make it a focal point instead. Best to leave this option to the bigger variety so that it looks as real as possible.


13. Shiplap It

Shiplap has become popular in recent years, but those who have it will tell you that all those little cracks are a pain to dust. Get the look without all the cleaning.

14. Bring the Unexpected to Your Stairs

Wallpaper can liven up a boring stairway with ease. Also great with a tile pattern.

15. Get Tile for Less

This is an easy way to get the look of tile, without the cost or labor involved. This peel and stick variety is great for renters and homeowners alike.


16. Infuse Some Fun

This Star Wars wallpaper can hide your fandom in plain sight. An unexpected way to add a bit of nostalgia anywhere.

17. Create Wall Art

Whether temporary or permanent, easily create a work of art for that bare wall.

18. Go Crazy

This plain white paintable, peel and stick wallpaper has so many uses. Let the kids go wild, decorate with a scary mural for Halloween, or create a photo backdrop. Because it is easy to remove, the sky is the limit. This is especially good for any three dimensional applications that would otherwise be difficult to paint over.


19. Upgrade a Boring Stairway

Whether open to the rest of your space, or just a passage to your second floor, make your stairway something other than a forgotten space in your home.

20. Pretend You Have Exposed Brick

We’ve seen it in all the magazines and most of us have wished for this look at least once. It won’t likely fool anyone, but can easily bring the look you crave into any home.

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