Trends: Statement Tile

Statement tile is very on trend in home design right now. You see it in showers, kitchen backspashes, and floors in almost every room of the house. We will show you some ideas as well as how and why to make it more practical.



You can use strong patterns and texture to make pretty much any area really pop. Just make sure it is an area you really want to show off as it really draws the eye.

The thing to watch out for is that these strong patterns and textures are often the first to look dated. If you have the budget for a redesign every 5 to 10 years, we say go for it. If that just isn’t feasible, make sure to continue reading below where we discuss how to get the look in a way that is less permanent and can easily be changed out as your tastes change. But first, where can I use this look for the biggest impact?

Kitchen Walls

Kitchen walls are probably where we see this trend most often. Create a focal point behind the sink, as shown, or behind some floating shelves in a bar area. Another great place is behind your range hood. But remember, only make that a focal point if you have a chimney style or custom cabinetry hood that is really worth showing off.

Kitchen Floors

This is a very on trend way to use this look. In this photo, the tile brings color and style to an otherwise plain kitchen. This is a great example of how, when using this trend, you should keep other elements more muted so that it doesn’t compete and lets your tile steal the spotlight.


Bathroom Walls

An accent wall behind the sink is a great way to bring flavor to a small space. Because of the bathroom size, the pattern is kept a little smaller and the colors a little more muted. This color and classic pattern would probably stay in fashion a little longer as well.

Shower Walls

Just because it is a small space, doesn’t mean that you can’t go bold! This shower is a perfect example of how a little wall can make a big impact.

Bathroom Floors

Another example of a big statement in a smaller room. All other elements are kept muted so that this floor can shine. This could also be a great option to bring a little fun to an otherwise bland laundry room.

Living Area Floors

Tile may be a little too cool for those of us in colder climates, but if it is warm enough, this may just be the pop that your living space needs. For those cold climate homes, try this look in a sun room.

Living Area Walls

Bringing texture to a living room is a great way to make a focal wall. Especially if you can never find just the right piece of art for your space. This would also look great in a dining room behind a buffet. Anywhere you have a large wall to fill visually.


This makes your fireplace a true focal point. In the case of this photo, it also is a good way to bring the focus away from the TV and lets it visually fall to the background when not in use. This is great if your space must also function for entertaining, but you don’t have a way to hide the TV.



Make a statement as soon as you walk into your home. A simple textured wall can make all the difference.


This is a fun way to give a little unexpected pop to a space. This would work especially well for an entry staircase. Just don’t combine this with the textured wall. Let one speak for itself.

Bedroom Wall

Again, this is a great way to bring a little texture and or color to a space without having to rely on the artwork standby.


Temporary and Budget Friendly Ways to Get This Look

Now for the practical part. Most of us do not have the budget to keep up with trends. Tile especially is costly, not only in materials, but in the labor to demolish and replace as tastes change. This doesn’t mean you can’t have the current look. You just might have to be a little creative to get it more budget friendly and less permanent. Here are some great ways.


Stencils are one of the least expensive ways to get this look. Especially if you have a large wall to fill. It will take a little work up front, but it is as easy as painting over to do away with it once your tastes change.

This is also the most customizable option. While the stencil patterns may be more limited, unless you make your own, the color options are unlimited. You can easily go as bold or muted as you like.

Tile Stickers

These are applied to a basic color tile to give you the look without being permanent. This way you can change up the look whenever you like.

There are, however, some drawbacks to this option. You pretty much must stick to a basic tile underneath. Most of the stickers that I have found are for 4×4, 6×6, and 8×8 tiles. These may not look the best on their own.

You will also want to check with the manufacturers recommendations on placement. You may not be able to use some of them on floors or wet areas, like showers.

Wall Panels

Wall panels tend to have more options for texture and pattern, but not often color. They are a great way, though to make a statement without the permanence. They are usually light weight so might even be able to be attached with command strips. This would make them easy to take down or rearrange. Would be a great option for a rental where painting is not allowed. Look for paintable options if color is what you want.


Stick on Tiles

Stick on tiles would be a great way to go with a more bold color, pattern or finish. These shown are brushed Aluminum. Be careful though, these are usually made to be permanent, so wall damage could occur if removed. Still easier than replacing tile.


Wallpaper is making a huge comeback. You can get bold patterns and colors as well a faux brick looks. There are even those on the market that are washable, so are perfect for behind sinks and ranges. Some are more easily replaced than others, so make sure to keep this into consideration when shopping.

Wall Art

Probably the easiest and least expensive way to get a bold look without the commitment. You could frame a hand stenciled paper or wallpaper sample, purchase ready made art like above, or even frame a small section of tile. The best part is that you are only as committed as your choice of mounting.

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