Bringing Technology to Your Bathroom

The bathroom seems like the last place technology would be helpful, but think again. Today’s tech blends seamlessly into bathroom design and into our lives.

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June is technology month at Practical Home. The last two weeks we discussed Incorporating Tech Into Your Kitchen Remodel and 10 Easy Ways Tech Can Help in Your Kitchen. To continue, we can’t forget about the bathroom. We will cover both items you can add today as well as those that should be considered for your next remodel. All are designed to make your daily routine a little more enjoyable.


Tech You Can Add Today

The item to start us off is this smart mirror from Kohler. This CES Innovation Award winner for 2018 has Amazon Alexa built-in for functionality without the clutter. Listen to your favorite music, check the weather and traffic for your morning commute, adjust the integrated lights, and even ask Alexa to start your morning shower (see below) all hands free. It also has a motion sensor night light for late night bathroom trips without the bright lights. This size also offers pivoting side mirrors and alternate sizes are available here.

In case you have been living under a rock, there is a new way to do things in the bathroom. Add a bidet seat and a Squatty Potty and you are in business. Japan and some of Europe have been using bidets for ages and they are gaining in popularity in the US for good reason. They save on toilet paper, are more hygienic, and they give your booty a spa treatment at every visit.

This model by TOTO provides personalized control over water temperature, position, pressure and oscillation for maximum comfort and cleaning. It also features a heated seat and Softclose for seat and lid. There is even an upgraded version that gives you an air dryer and automatic deodorizing fan. You will never want to go back to toilet paper again.


Want to avoid costly repairs due to leaks? Place these little sensors under your sink or anywhere else in the home that leaks might occur. They will sound an alarm and send an email via WiFi if a leak is detected. This allows you to attend to the leak as soon as possible and hopefully before it can cause damage.

Want a simple way to get your tunes in the shower? This little $30 device suctions to your shower wall, tile, or glass and easily pairs via Bluetooth to bring your music or audio books with you. You can even accept calls in the shower if you are brave enough.

This smart scale pairs with your favorite fitness app, such as Fitbit, Samsung Health, and Apple Health, to instantly record and track 13 health measurements for unlimited users. If you have an interest in your weight, body fat, water level, bone mass, etc., then this will do the trick.


For Your Bathroom Remodel

Dreaming about heated floors for your bath remodel? This NuHeat Thermostat pairs with a Nest Thermostat or Amazon Echo to maximize efficiency. It is WiFi enabled so you can also use the app to control and set temperatures and create schedules.

Protect your new investment with an easy addition to your remodel. This sensor detects humidity levels and automatically turns on and off your ventilation fan as needed. Save energy and make sure the fan has time to complete its job, even after you’ve left the room. It also has a motion sensor to turn on the light.

To go along with that humidity sensor, this exhaust fan combines a fan and Bluetooth speaker into one. Listen to your music, audio books, or podcasts without the added clutter.


We spoke about the wondrous bidet seat above, but if you are doing a remodel, you might as well get the full package. This package works together to conceal the power and water supplies for a more seamless, finished look as well as gives you some added features. First, the lid and/or seat will automatically open on your arrival and close on departure. If that isn’t cool enough, then there are the added benefits of the air dryer and deodorizer, as well as a night light. It even has a Tornado Flush and an Ewater+ electrolyzed water mist to keep your bowl clean. Anything that extends the time between toilet bowl scrubbings is a winner in our book.

The ultimate in luxury, this shower controller by Moen allows you to pre-set your desired power and temperature for the perfect shower every time. It even pairs with Amazon Echo so you can ask Alexa to start the shower for the perfect temperature before you step in.

As you can see, adding a little technology in the bathroom can add function, safety and a bit of luxury to your space. What are some ways that you can see yourself using these to improve your routine? We would love to hear from you. Make sure to subscribe or follow us so you don’t miss our last post for technology month, Utilizing Technology to Improve Your Home.

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