How Practical Are Today’s Bathroom Trends?

We see them in all the magazines, stand-alone tubs, zero threshold showers, vessel sinks, but how practical are they in everyday life? We dig a little deeper into today's trends. Photo by Pixabay on 2019 has seen a lot of new trends and a continuation of some previous ones. Us being Practical Home Design,... Continue Reading →

Choosing Cabinetry Part 3: Cabinetry Classifications

When choosing cabinetry, the terms custom, semi-custom, stock, and builder grade are often used. Find out what these classifications really mean and how they can help you narrow down your choices. Photo by Pixabay on So far in our quest to understand cabinets, and your options when choosing them, we have discussed the differences... Continue Reading →

Choosing Cabinetry Part 1: Cabinetry Box Construction, Framed Vs. Frameless

When deciding on cabinetry for your home, the options can seem overwhelming. In this series we will break down your options and tell you how to get the best for your budget. Photo by Christa Grover on When remodeling, whether a kitchen, bath, or even a home office, cabinetry is an important component. Since... Continue Reading →

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