Choosing a Kitchen Faucet

Photo by Steve Johnson on Since the sink is the powerhouse of the kitchen, it only makes sense that you have a faucet that also meets your demands. We will discuss different faucet types, features, and things to keep in mind to help you choose the right faucet. If you missed it, you can... Continue Reading →


Choosing a Kitchen Sink Part 2: Materials and Maintenance

Photo by Kaboompics .com on In this part we will cover common material choices for your sink as well as some recommended maintenance. If you missed Part 1: Style, you can learn all about the different configurations of the bowl as well as mounting options. Next week we will continue with Choosing a Kitchen... Continue Reading →


When designing a home, whether it be a new or a long awaited remodel, there are so many choices that add up to your finished dream project. There are many options and sometimes it is hard to know if you are making the right decision for your space and the way that you live your... Continue Reading →

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